Myth of the Week: You Can’t Increase Your Social Media With Money

Oh, that one is definitely not true.  Celebrities, big companies, and probably everyone else you know is doing nefarious stuff on the internet.   Anytime you are tempted to be jealous of someone with a bazillion Twitter followers, remind yourself that those numbers can (and probably are) inflated every day of the week by people on the sidelines with money.

I actually happened upon this great article about buying Instagram followers which lays out in plain detail how to do it, and it’s funny how simple the whole thing is.  I don’t know why more people don’t know about this, but I guess go over and follow that blog if you want to know how to do all sorts of nefarious internet things like increasing Instagram likes and followers as well as straight-up buying numbers on social media.  I’m glad someone described it step by step, and in the cheapest possible way.

I guess their site crashed/ went down recently and they are just starting to rebuild and get all the content back, but I’m really glad they are, because I totally want to go back and learn other stuff from them.  I feel like they saved me thousands of dollars and hours of hassle hiring “social media” firms” who probably would have just done this anyway.  Yikes!


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Here’s the deal.  13Myths is all new, and we’re de-bunking the most popular myths about health, wealth, dating, and everything in between.  Do you REALLY need to drink 100 ounces of water per day?   Is your checking account really losing you money?  We’re investigating and we’ll tell you what we find out.

Just to let you know we’re real reporters, here is a picture of our press room puppy.  She is cutting through the BS and getting the scoop on things, mostly through the power of hypnotic cuteness.

2014-01-08 17.50.02

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